2. 👋 from #SantaMagnetica islands. With my brothers @sozyone @demsky333 @goldengreen179 @koolfunc88 @formula76 and @didierjabamathieu at the #ultraboyz annual meeting

  3. #chromachrome #thedevilisinthedetails

  4. W/ Luck & Aller. VLC brotherism. Photo © Selina Miles

  5. Chromachrome™

  6. I have been asked several times lately if I use tape. I have nothing against it but I just think you can go faster and get good results (not perfect) doing freehand. #justanswering

  8. Selfie

  9. #aftereffects #fake #computergenerated

  10. I’ve been sent this from a piece I painted last year in #amsterdam #roest for #kosmopolitearttour. Still running ✊ gracias Mireia

  11. I made this for my mate @cresone for his album HYBR!D with @illmindproducer. It was designed more than a year ago and it’s finally out ❕

  12. Found this kinda liked

  13. Found this kinda liked it #photoshop

  14. Fluor funk. With Zmogk and Kreal. Moscow city

  15. Moscow 14 🇷🇺